Thursday, May 28, 2009


hi all ... i don't even really know if anyone reads this blog, but i wanted to update about my new headband business - dainty! please visit my new blog, for all the details!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i realized i never updated about my goals that i wanted to accomplish by the end of april ... i started fundraising for the 3 day walk ($450) and i have gone to services at beth am every WEEK, so i have surpassed the 1x/mo goal, and i think i'll continue to go every week. i HAVE NOT finished the holiday 08 book ... between moving & everything else that's been going on in life i just have completely slacked on it.

goals for end of june:
1. to get my etsy store up and running
2. to take more pictures
3. to maintain a positive & healthy attitude (take mental health days when needed)

Friday, May 1, 2009

i'm back ...

wow it's been so long since i last posted ... eeek. i guess it's because i don't have much to update with. i've been slacking again on taking pictures of layouts. anyway, the point of posting today is because i went to paper tales (i think i spent almost three hours there today) ... it's there one year anniversary so of course i had to go down and support. love love love those ladies - michelle, helle, diane & julie! they are so lovely and it was nice to spend some time catching up & of course eating cookies, making a mini make and take book & SHOPPING. i just spent a little bit (since i'm definitely on a TIGHT budget right now) ... i will try to remember to charge my camera and take pictures of the things i bought.

oooh, one more quick thing - last night i had a fundraiser for the 3 day walk, some local musicians, rob deez, kenny eng, jordan reimer, and tim corley were nice enough to donate all the proceeds from their show at lestats. we raised $150. yey! so a huge shout out to them. check out their music! love love love them all.

alright, that's it for now. xox, dain

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pretty things & new goals!

i went on a little shopping spree today at paper tales ... it was fun to get to go on a weekday morning, it was quite nice to get to chat with michelle & diane. i love love love paper tales (& the fabulous girls who work there). i picked up some vintage goodies (a gemstone brooch, some pearl hat pins, etc!) as well as lots of paper: making memories flower patch, pink paislee enchanting & captivating & fascinating, cosmo cricket everafter (something old & something new), sassafras vintage yummy, and LOTS of hambly (mini graph, wings, little circles, all mixed up, hanging heliconias, decor notes) ... it was a good shopping trip! can't wait to have time to play with my new stuff. ok, let's be honest - it's clearly not about having enough TIME, since i'm unemployed and all ... it's about PRINTING PICTURES. which i am SO BAD AT.

also, i think i've come up with some new goals, since i've accomplished the goals i set out to complete by 2/28 (ok so i didn't get a NEW job, but i quit the old one, and that was what i really wanted).

SO, here they are (& there is one more but i'm not yet ready to share it on the internet), to be accomplished by the end of april:

1. start fundraising for the KOMEN BREAST CANCER 3 DAY WALK
2. finish the HOLIDAY 08 book that i started in december
3. find a job
4. go to shabbat services @ beth am 1x/mo (this might be an ongoing goal)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i did this on facebook a few weeks ago and thought i'd post it here.

pics to be posted soon i hope - new art & i refinished my dresser (painted & distressed & added new knobs from anthropology). my new room is coming together nicely (as well as my new creative space) so i'll have to post pics of that too.

lots of new things going on in my world. it's good. stressful and lonely at times, but good.

1. one of my favorite things to do is grocery shop in the middle of the day on weekdays. if people would pay me to do this, i might be the happiest girl on the planet. it's weird the kind of gratification i get from doing this.

2. some days i am so anxious that i can't get dressed. the way clothes feel on my skin send me straight in to a panic attack. i have sensory issues.

3. whenever adults or people that i don't know very well ask me what i want to "be when i grow up" i tell them that i want to get my msw and work with foster kids - most likely in public policy. i think it sounds good, and it's the thing i wish i wanted to do - but i know it's not in my heart & soul.

4. i want to create art with people for the sake of creating. i hate focussing on the end product. it makes me mad that kids are taught early on whether or not they are "good" artists. it should be about the process people!

5. i hate the way i look when i'm not blonde, but i hate that i like being blonde. does this make sense ... no.

6. while my sister was studying in durban, south africa, i checked her blog about a million times a day because i was so proud of what she was doing & how well she wrote. i can think of only one other time/person that i have felt that much pride & amazement for.

7. if you leave out the speech i gave (ok so i had a bit too much to drink), i think i was the best maid of honor ever, and joke about starting a business ... "rent a maid of honor" ... all the great stuff with none of the drama. seriously, i was that good ... ask alana.

8. i am ridiculously picky about the texture of food i eat.

9. i love love love giving gifts/ buying things for people. even when i really can't afford it.

10. i love being in school. if i could grocery shop, make art, and take classes for fun (and they didn't cost $$$) i would be set for life.

11. i decorated my first christmas tree this past christmas and it was probably the most fun day i had had in months. (thank you rob and melinda squared).

12. i am always mangled.

13. i plan to get a tattoo of a leaping conejo on the back of my neck under my hairline to honor my group of friends from high school, "the dark conejos" ... i think it's one of the only things i would never ever regret.

14. i am addicted to buying paper (notebooks, scrapbook paper, stationary, etc). addicted, i tell you.

15. even though i'm not working for martin anymore, i hope one day to still hit the road and go on a real tour.

16. i have a strong desire to always be needed by my friends, so i end up taking on a lot, i like to be helpful and sometimes i think it's too much, but i haven't really found a way to stop doing it and just take care of me.

17. i should probably untag a lot of pictures on facebook ... maybe one day i will get around to it.

18. i am afraid that i'll never accomplish anything because i easily give in to my anxiety & depression. i am working on it.

19. i almost always fall asleep while watching movies.

20. my dad's ex-girlfriend's grandchildren (did you follow that?) are the three most amazing kids in the world, and i spend a lot of time thinking about how crazy it is that i love them so much, and they aren't even my own - and that must mean that i'm going to love my own even more than that, and it's a little terrifying.

21. i hate beer.

22. i think my two best friends from college are my soul mates. it's true.

23. just over a year ago i witnessed a very terrible car accident on the freeway - a little hatchback holding 4 teenage boys rolled 5 times across all four lanes, landing on it's hood directly in front of me. i was the first person to pull over & made the call to 911. i can't tell you the amount of times i have played the accident over in my mind. all 4 boys survived and i think about them all the time. i wish i knew who they were.

24. i love my name. i worry sometimes about naming my kids because i don't think i can ever come up with a better name than my own.

25. it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to post a note so i could do this thing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i wanted to share with you this blog
her work is beautiful, inspiring, honest ... i find it so inspiring & lovely to look at. makes me want to get messy with paint! i haven't in so long!